• Tax planning – We offer national and international tax planning to support clients with their local tax affairs and for inbound and out bound investments in Europe.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring – We can support clients when undertaking mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of their groups helping them identify tax implications and ensuring tax compliance.
  • Tax duediligence – Our tax team have experience in performing tax due-diligence to ensure that an investor is aware of the tax status of the target entity.
  • Advance Tax Rulings – When it comes to transactions where the tax application is unclear, we can apply on behalf of the taxpayer an advance ruling.
  • Transfer pricing studies – Preparation of transfer pricing studies based on the requirements of the Tax Department and the OECD provisions.
  • Preparation and filing of your tax declarations– Belifor can undertake the preparation and submission of tax returns in time, both for your Company and Executive Managers who are tax residents of Cyprus.
  • A.Q Handling during tax audits– Belifor works with local Tax Authorities and defends your rights (as derived from relevant laws) to the maximum. We also appeal Authorities’ decisions -if needed- as the best option in the event of disagreement.
  • Tax Payments– Belifor can promptly complete and submit all necessary Forms to the Tax Authorities as well as to pay the due taxes.