Cyprus company offers many tax related advantages such as the low corporate tax rate of 12,5%, 0% tax on the share of dividend income.

Other advantages include the low formation fees, the secure bank system and of course the free capital transfers.

  • Low corporate tax rate 12,5% on profit
  • Dividend participation exemption
  • 5% dividend tax on Greek investors (DOSA DOC 1051902 EX 2016) if the dividends are declared in Greece and the 2 criteria of the Implementation of the Double Taxation Convention are met.
  • No taxes are levied on the distribution of dividends, or payment of interest and patent rights (when used outside Cyprus) to non-tax residents of Cyprus
  • There are no social security contributions for the shareholders
  • Dividends are not taxed between Cypriot companies, with tax deductions and foreign investment dividends (on criteria that are easily met).
  • They are taxed at 12,5% ​​on interest arising from or closely related to the ordinary course of business (eg interest on commercial debtors or between group companies where the company acts as a financial institution of the group)
  • Capital gains tax is imposed only on immovable property located in Cyprus or on shares of a private company owning real estate in Cyprus
  • Gains from the sale of securities (including shares) are excluded from any tax
  • Tax losses are transferred over the next 5 years
  • Compensation for group damages is allowed
  • Reorganizations of companies (eg mergers, divisions) are not taxed
  • Taxes are excluded from profits from a permanent establishment outside Cyprus (with criteria that are easily met).
  • Low formation and operation fees
  • Secure bank system
  • Free move of capital
  • Fluent Use of English/Greek language
  • Full member of European Union since 2004
  • Member of United Nations
  • Legal framework attuned to the European Acquis Communautaire
  • Attuned legal legislation in accordance with OECD regulations & European Committee
  • Secure legal and tax environment (based on the Anglo-Saxon law)
  • Double tax treaties with more than 55 countries
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Stable and modern public administration
  • Attractive and Friendly  business environment for investors
  • High level of education and professional expertise